jueves, 14 de julio de 2011


Hi everybody! It´s been almost two weeks since we left Vancouver and looks like two months! By the way, our apologies: we´ve had neither internet nor time to update the blog or to email our friends. Let´s kick off!

Norma drove Cristina and our luggage (7 huge suitcases, 4 carry-on suitcases, 2 backpacks, 3 computers...) to the airport on the 4th of July. Ana, Carmen and me took our dear Skytrain for the last time in 2011 and we all met at YVR. The flight was relaxing and punctual. Surprisingly, no suitcase was lost and we didn't pay extra money for our countless suitcases.

When we arrived in Madrid 3 cars and 6 friends and relatives helped us with our lugagge. It was great to see them all. In no time we were in Navacerrada square having a cold beer and some tapas. The atmosphere in the street was, as usual, lively and fun. We've had a wonderful time in Vancouver but we missed this sort of things.

These days we've had so many visitors (by the way, who were the guests and who the hosts???) that our house in the mountain looked like a commune in the 60's. It's been the best and warmest way to land in our country and start our new/old life. My sister and niece came the next day to join the welcome party. In between 10 and 13 people share table and beds these days in our place in Navacerrada. AWESOME!!!

On the 7th of July Cristina gave a lecture about her book in the Culture Center of Navacerrada. 20 teenagers from a summer camp, 2 neighbours and a bunch of eager relatives and friends listened to our dear Cristina. As usual, she did a great job and the audience was respectful and, for a change, asked questions.

During these quick 12 days the girls have been so happily busy with their friends and relatives that they just ignored this thing we, adults, call jet lag. Cristina and me looked like sleepy ghosts but they've always been fresh and willing to do everything but have a nap or going to sleep at night. I wish I was 7!!!

We had a very special visit: our friend Mulay (11) came from Sahara desert to spend some weeks with us. Our friend Isabel is part of a project that involves thousands of Spanish families and children from Sahara. This way, Mulay comes every summer and lives with Isabel and her friends (us) all around Spain. He gets along very well with our girls and always enjoys his time in Navacerrada. They've been playing non-stop in the swimming pool, rollerblading, cycling, hiking... Besides, we went to see a movie, to listen to a storyteller, to a gallery, we played cars...

Today we had a hike in the mountains. We walked for more than 3 hours up and downhill. The girls didn't complain even once and they won a hot chocolate with churros, YUMMY!!! Have a look at the pictures!

And that's all, folks! We'll try to write from time to time about our adventures in Spain. We'd like you to read our stories and see our pictures as and invitation to enjoy your holidays with us. You all helped and encouraged us a lot in Canada and we'll be delighted to do the same for you in Spain. Feel free to come and visit us whenever. Our English is becoming rusty since we came to Spain and we need to brush it up! We miss you all, COME TO VISIT US!

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  1. Guau, cuánto material tenéis aquí. ¿No habéis pensado en escribir un libro con vuestras andanzas?